Tyler & Megan

Red Cedar Real Estate

Tyler: So we came across Red Cedar Real Estate and Peter Boscas via Yelp. We didn’t really know much about the process when we were starting out and relied on all the positive reviews that we found online. I decided to reach out to Peter. We weren’t sure whether or not we were in a position to be purchasing a home anytime soon. We actually just reached out to him wondering if he could walk us through the process, which I imagine a lot of other agents may not be interested in without somebody being instant buying a home anytime soon, but he was great. He came and sat with us and explained the process from A to Z, everything that we could expect about the home buying process and what we should be prepared for. It turned out we were in much better financial position than we thought and were prepared to buy a home. So the process has been fantastic. He showed us a couple of different neighborhoods so we could hone in on what we wanted and there was no pressure throughout the entire process. He would let us walk through houses on our own and afterwards he would offer any feedback that he noticed throughout the way but would really let us see what was right for us. So we’re thrilled with where we’ve ended up. I think we found the perfect home for us. We saw a couple of different styles. I think we couldn’t have asked for a better process or someone who was more helpful throughout. We’re very happy. We would recommend him to everyone. We’ll certainly be using him in the future for all of our home buying needs.

Megan: He made this big step in our life very stress-free and easy-seeming. So that was [inaudible 02:05]

Tyler: All right. Well, thanks a lot, Peter and Red Cedar Real Estate. I recommend them to anyone who’s even just in their early stages of trying to learn about the home buying process or even if it’s your second or third home, we’ll certainly be coming back.