Red Cedar Real Estate Experience

Hello. I’d like to speak to you about the Red Cedar Real Estate and specifically about the representative of Red Cedar, Peter Boscas, whom I had the opportunity to work with on my very first purchase of my home.

I started working with Peter out of a different state. I had done my research on the Internet. I had located a number of reviews for Red Cedar and Peter specifically. I contacted him despite a very large time difference. We spoke about the kind of houses that I can expect with the kind of features I was looking for. Peter was very patient. I, as an inquisitive individual, have a lot of questions that I often ask. Peter was patient enough to explain it to me towards any material that I required for my review during the process.

The house purchase overall went a lot smoother and a hell of a lot easier than it would have than had I been going through the process on my own. I highly advice to use a real estate agent when purchasing especially if your purchasing for the first time. It is extremely advantageous and it simplifies the process a great deal because Peter has taken a lot of the portions of the process and has taken care of them as opposed to having to do it on my own during the ongoing process.

If you’re looking to purchase anywhere in the Maryland area, I highly encourage you to contact Peter as well as Red Cedar Real Estate.

Good luck!

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