Luciano & Liza

Red Cedar Real Estate Experience


Hi my name is Liza and this is Luciano. We’re the Falcon family. We actually met up with Peter, Red Cedar Real Estate, about four or five months ago. And the process for us buying our home has been fabulous. He was quick to listen to what it was that we needed, very understanding as to what our needs were and provided in a very short amount of time exactly what we were looking for. He made the process very understandable, simplified it as much as possible for us laymen, first time buyers and was there throughout the entire process.
Any questions we had he was quick to answer. And always followed up and made sure that we were on top of everything and knew what it was that affected us. So it’s been a very pleasant process. We would recommend Peter to anybody in regards to buying a new home or even selling their home. We’ve actually been able to get through the process very easily, no anxiousness. And we are now proud owners of a home.

Luciano:  With myself being in the military, you get the sense of I don’t have the time to be looking around for a house and stuff and Peter simplified that to the max. Peter was always there, night and day. Always answered my calls, always answered questions and he basically got a feeling of what type of house we were looking for and with that he started whittling it down. And he always worked with us as far as going to see the properties, any questions, any concerns he actually would step up and he would tell us you know this thing, this is wrong or this is wrong. So he helped us. He guided us to the max. And now with this last process, he helped us a lot, helped us a lot. And right now we are very happy home owners thanks to Peter.

Liza:  We’d definitely recommend him to anybody that’s looking to buy a home or to go through this process. Very, very pleasant experience that we have had.