Dave & Kathy

Red Cedar Real Estate

Kathy:  Okay. So about a year and a half ago my husband and I were looking at possibly selling our home and moving into bigger spaces. And I had been looking around at different realtors; different agencies and I came across Peter’s website and subscribed to it. About a year and a half later we were actually ready finally to move and gave Peter a call and he responded and started the ball rolling. It’s been a really great experience and pretty easy going. He doesn’t tend to take over things. He just wants to know what you want and helps you find it.

David:  I think that’s the biggest thing. I think he really works to understand what you want and what you like and what you don’t. He’s very thorough. He answers your questions thoroughly and straightforwardly. And he’s extremely responsive. And I think that’s one of the things that I really appreciated about him in both the selling experience and the buying experience. He’s extremely responsive. Always there. And always able to get us information if he didn’t know it right away. So I think that’s something that we really value. And something that makes his service to us extraordinary.

Kathy:  Yes, yes. I mean very honest responses. You don’t feel as if he’s trying to pull the wool over you. Any question that you ever ask, he’s very transparent about a lot of the information if you need it up front. When I spoke to him, the very first conversation he provided me with a lot of information. And I felt that it was actually information that we should have known in our research to find a good realtor. Another realtor that we spoke to wanted to meet with us was very pushy and you know we ultimately decided that that wasn’t the way we wanted to go. So we brought Peter in and we haven’t regretted it for one minute.

David:  No.

Kathy:  It was a really great experience.

David:  No I think…

Kathy:  For selling and buying.

David:  I think if I was to sum it up, I’d say, I feel like Peter had our interests in mind and our best interests in mind. And I think that’s what you want…

Kathy:  Yeah.

David:  … in a realtor.

Kathy:  Yeah you want somebody that it matters too. And I think getting his clients what they want really matters to him and that makes him different from the rest of the realtors that you may find. We had a realtor a couple of years ago when we bought ours. She was great but when we were looking this time we really, really struck gold when we hit or met with Peter and it’s been great.

David:  Mhmhm.

Kathy:  We definitely would recommend him.

David:  Absolutely.