Red Cedar Real Estate Experience


My name is Jason Spradling. And I used Red Cedar Real Estate to find our dream house and dream yard. And I can’t say enough good things about Peter. He helped us from start to finish. You know, it can be kind of a daunting task to buy a new home especially in a new place that we don’t really know. He helped us narrow it down. He helped us find the places with the best schools. He helped us find exactly what we told him. He asked us to give him a lot of very intricate details about what we wanted. And as we went through that process I thought you know if he can get somewhere close that would be great. But he found something that was perfect. He found things that hit every one of our check list.

And I definitely can’t say enough about it. The thing that I think blew me away the most was all the back end help we got from him. Aside from showing us a great house and helping us close on it, all the stuff that he did with the lender and the banks and things like that, that’s what sold me. And like I said there’s not enough gratitude that I could give him.

You should definitely use him. He is super professional and he just gives you the most customer care and customer service that you could ask for. Thanks so much to Red Cedar Real Estate for helping us find our dream home.