Real Estate Technology

Red Cedar Real Estate and its staff pride themselves on their knowledge of cutting edge technology not just for helping consumers buy and sell homes, but also of new technologies offered to make home life simpler and more enjoyable. Check out our articles below introducing some of these technologies.

Being Solar Savvy

November 6, 2016 by Peter in

Going solar? Great! Installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system can reduce your home energy usage, improve your carbon footprint, and earn you street cred among the neighborhood Greenies (my admiring self included). While green features are marketable, when it comes to PV installation it is crucial to gather your facts before jumping on the bandbicycle,

At Red Cedar, we want people to love the homes they live in. Technology can help, on #WiredWednesday and every other day. The next time I have the brilliant idea of rescuing a husky mix, someone should remind me of the fact that I loathe vacuuming. Know what though? It works, because I can take