Thom Loverro

Red Cedar Real Estate Experience


My name is Thom Loverro. I just went through the process of selling our house, and for a lot of people, that's like a dentist visit. But not with our real estate agent, and this is sincere, Peter Boscas, from Red Cedar Real Estate was a God send for us.
We had interviewed three real estate agents, some of them from big real estate companies, and of the three, Peter was the most enthusiastic about selling our home.
We felt he was the most honest and most committed. We were very impressed with how in tune he was with social media, with the internet, and with his presentation of the property.
We sold our house with Peter for the asking price the first weekend we had an open house. Every step along the way, up until the closing, he walked us through it, kept us informed, and everything went smooth. What sometimes is a very painful experience for people, was a great experience for us.
We got the full asking price. Everything went smooth. He was just a friendly, decent, nice guy to work with. I'd highly recommend him to anybody who's looking to buy or sell a house.
With Peter you're going to get more of the personal touch. You're not going to get the big corporate, billboard kind of treatment. He'll be there when you need him and he's got great vision in terms of how to sell real estate. He does great research.
If it sounds like I'm fawning, it's only because I'm so happy with the results, and I'm sure you will be too.