Quinten & Lauren

Red Cedar Real Estate

Quentin: Well, you have to start off with the most obvious things and that was that Shannon was great.

Lauren: Oh, she was fantastic. We heard about Shannon through a friend of mine who went to high school with her. I had Liz contact her through Facebook and we got together. We met up at her regional realtor office, her office and we got together, sat down, figured out our wants and needs. It was so –

Quentin: She does. She actually has a wants and needs list of all the things that you don’t think about whenever if you’ve never owned a home before.

Lauren: And we sat there with, “You know, we want three bedrooms.” I had to have at least two toilets and we had our fenced-in yard for a dog. It was just nice.

Quentin: Everything was easy-flowing, easygoing, you know. She was 110% invested in our happiness and what we wanted out of getting a house bought.

Lauren: And then when we finally started looking at houses, we got an email every morning with, “Hey, these are some houses that you might like.” And when we found a couple that we like, we brought it to her attention. She came back with, “Well, this one’s great. This one’s not so much great. This one we should definitely look at.” And we made up a list and we went out on weekends and we found time when she was available and time when we were available and it was fun.

Quentin: It was a lot of fun.

Lauren: And then when we finally did find the house that we wanted, she was there through all the paperwork and sending us like, “Hey, guys, just an update. This is what’s going on.”

Quentin: Oh, yeah. The accessibility was unmatched. Any time that we had a question or even if I had a question or she had a question, it was just easy to pop in and say, “Hey, Shannon, what’s this thing? Explain a little bit.”

Lauren: Yeah. On top of all that, we had a little bit of a heartbreak. We had our first house fall through but she was there to break the news and give us space when we needed it. And then when we were like, “Okay. You know what, I think we’re ready.” She was totally on board. She was like, “Okay. This is what we need to do. Here’s another list of houses. Let’s go through them. Pick your favorites and we’ll go.”

Quentin: Right.

Lauren: And then magic happened. We went out our last time and we found our house.

Quentin: Yeah.

Lauren: So we are now –

Quentin: We’re now proud homeowners.

Lauren: Homeowners.

Quentin: And it’s all thanks to Shannon. So, yeah, I f I could say anything, it’s just Shannon’s been the absolute best through the entire process. If anybody wants to choose an agent, especially from a buyer’s perspective or even I can only imagine she would do the same thing if you were selling a house. She works day and night to try and make you happy, try and make everything come true, so to speak.