Red Cedar Real Estate Experience


Transcript :

My wife and I were a little concerned about randomly Googling a real estate agent. I always kind of thought that you had to know your real estate agent personally. And I ended up Googling for highly rated local real estate agents and Peter Boscas showed up. I gave him a call and the rest is history. He was absolutely fantastic every step of the way. He was super communicative, always answered my calls or returned calls very quickly. He seriously turned what absolutely could have been a nightmare with selling our old home and buying our new home into one of the easiest processes I could possibly hope for. He used all the latest technology from drones to professional photographers to sell our old home, which we were paranoid would take forever to sell, and helpded us buy our new home, which is gorgeous. I couldn’t recommend Peter enough. He’s just a fantastic guy and one of the best realtors you’ll ever work with.