Bojo & Emma

Red Cedar Real Estate

Bojo: Yeah I think the most important thing of first time home buyers we were not familiar with the market. We were not familiar with what to look at in a home or you know how we would really see ourselves getting into a home. And I think we know from day one meeting with Peter that his knowledge of the market and just houses in general having spent so many years in this industry just put us at ease right away. I can remember going through our first house and you know we’re talking about starting a family soon and he’s already spitting out these ideas of you know where are you going to give your kids a bath and you know how are you going to have this set up in the house?

It was just really good knowledge that he was able to bestow upon us there. And I think through the rest of the process, you know it’s definitely not an easy one but I think Peter really challenged us to be patient through the process. Answered all of our questions and really made sure anytime we were unsure of anything that he was there to walk us through the details.

Emma: Answered the same questions a million times and even if was midnight or seven am, it was a really, really great process. We’re grateful for it and we’re excited. We got our first house.

Bojo: And I think not only the process with Peter but his recommendations as well. You know we were surprised, you know one of our biggest fears too was how the mortgage process was going to work out or how the inspection will work out. And you know his connections and his recommendations in the area were just amazing. We were so impressed with you know all the people he was able to recommend, all the services he was able to recommend. So we were definitely happy with Peter through this entire process.

Emma: Absolutely. Thanks so much Peter!