Red Cedar Real Estate

My experience with Red Cedar Real Estate and Peter Boscas, has been absolutely fantastic. I met Peter about six years ago, maybe five. And I liked him from there. I liked the way he was interpersonal, the way he interacted with my family which is very important.

When I decided to get serious about eight months ago, six, seven months ago I decided to call Peter back you know because of course it’s four or five years later. It seemed liked him and I hit the ground running together. When I was, let’s say going out my range or doing things that we’re unexpected Peter was able to roll me back in and say, “Roy, this is the way you should go.”

When I’m not sure about something, give Peter a call. He will give me very sound advice. When somebody’s giving me bad advice and everything, I call Peter and say, you know this is what the person is telling me. He’ll tell me straight up that that person gave you bad advice. And that’s what I like about Peter and Red Cedar Real Estate.

He’s truthful, he’s straight up which sometimes we all need is saying for people to tell us the truth. Not sugar coating everything. He had hard conversations saying okay Roy, if this is what you want; this is what you’ve got to pay and everything. He’s dedicated, committed. You know my family, my family loves him. And if he can’t make it, he’s got his other people in his whole organization to show us.

This house right here, as you can see it’s a nice beautiful house in the background. We are about to purchase this house tomorrow. My family is extremely happy. I consider now, Peter a friend. Somebody I call with. I would recommend him to anybody. It’s just amazing what him and I and my family has been together, and like I said I just I really appreciate his professionalism and to keep me on course and making sure that my family is able to move into this house and as well as obtain my dream as well.

So again Peter, I want to thank you sir. I want to thank Red Cedar Real Estate for all you guys what you have done for me. Thank you very much and I will be recommending you. Thanks.