Red Cedar Real Estate Experience

Hi, my name is Terri, I'm standing in my new home getting ready to go to closing. I've been working with Peter Boscas, probably since May trying to find a house. He's been very patient with us and he finally found this beautiful home for us. He's been excellent. What I like most about Peter is from the onset of this, back in May, I knew that he was an honest person, and honesty is very important when you're trying to buy a new house. I'm really excited, ready to move in... In fact, right after closing we'll be back here moving all of our things in.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Strangers, friends, family members, because he's been excellent to work with. He kept us informed throughout the whole process, he communicated often, he helped us through any problems we had along the way, and here it is December and we are going to closing. For anybody that is looking for a new house, or even a house that's going to be new to them, I recommend Peter Boscas 100%.