Nick & Whitney

Red Cedar Real Estate Experience


Nick: Hi, we're Nick and Whitney Collinson. We're first time home buyers. We relocated from New York and had a pleasure working with Peter and Red Cedar Real Estate. I highly recommend them. I had a great experience. Peter made the process very easy. Working out of state is not always the easiest thing to do. It was a great asset working with him. He was very responsive to our emails, questions, phone calls - he makes himself available on weekends and evenings, whenever we needed him, basically. So, I have no hesitation using him again. I hope that anyone watching this also seriously considers using Red Cedar Real Estate.

Whitney: Nick really said it all. We had a wonderful experience working with Peter. Everything was great. He was just so efficient and really accommodating to everything that we needed and like Nick said, we were living in New York City so getting down here was a little difficult but Peter made it really easy for us and now we found our perfect home, our first house and we love it. We're so happy. So, good luck!