Red Cedar Real Estate Experience


Peter helped us find our house, we are extremely happy with our house; we were having an out-of-state move so things were a little complicated. We came by for a first visit a month before we wanted to move, and he went and looked at a bunch of houses with us and got a feel for how we felt about different things; what we were looking for; and then while we were gone he would give us feedback on things that were coming onto the market. We could send him a quick note of anything that came up and he would go look at it, in person, and walk through, and let us know if it fit with what we had been looking for-- the features we'd wanted in the other houses we'd seen.

He took photos for us, he took extra video and sent it to us so we were able to really narrow things down and have a minimum number of flights out to finalize a house. We were able to purchase a house we are very happy with, and he is a pleasure to work with. He recommended places to go for crab-cakes in Maryland while we were visiting. He just never steered us wrong in any aspect of our entire interaction. Always on time; always professional; always a pleasure to work with.