Aji & Amaka

Red Cedar Real Estate Experience


We were referred to Peter by a very good friend of ours who had used his services and had very positive things to say and highlighted the patience and the fact that he wouldn’t push. Peter wouldn’t push you unnecessarily which is just very typical, unfortunately for many agents.

We started working with Peter well over a year ago. I remember the conversation with Peter saying it’s going to be a long process. We didn’t have to move but wanted to find the right house for our growing family. Peter immediately latched onto that message and assured us he would stay patient with us. And he really, really was very patient, about as patient as you could find.

He is a phenomenal Realtor and a tremendous, tremendous professional. He understood exactly what we were looking for price point-wise and the style of houses. It took us seeing all of two houses before he understood exactly what we were looking for. Every house that we looked at over the course of a year spoke to what we were looking for and ultimately we found this and we’re closing today.

Thank you for your patience, thank you for your professionalism, thank you for the guidance through the process. You are truly a stellar Realtor. This is our fourth house that we’ve bought and it was comfortably the best experience we’ve had. We would highly, highly recommend Peter without any hesitation or reservations at all.