Robin & Dave

Red Cedar Real Estate Experience


Dave:  We actually found Peter on Yelp and he had all five star reviews. Past clients said he was great with first time home buyers which we were. The thing I really liked about Peter is that he was not pushy whatsoever and especially since, because of my work I wasn’t able to come up and see all these houses that he was showing my wife, I really put trust in him to not be pushy. It turned out that he was absolutely not pushy at all. We actually put an offer in. This was the second house we put an offer in. The first house was not accepted. And he kind of promised us that we would find a better house and you know I kind of thought he was full of it but it turns out that this house is way better than the first one we put an offer on. Wouldn’t you say?

Robin:  Yeah Peter was really great about getting back to us with our e-mails. He responded very quickly and answered all of our questions. He was very patient with us because we really didn’t know what we were doing. I would definitely recommend working with Peter for anyone who wants a quick and easy home buying experience. He was really great.