Home Design

Red Cedar Real Estate and its staff pride themselves on their knowledge of cutting edge technology not just for helping consumers buy and sell homes, but also of new technologies offered to make home life simpler and more enjoyable. Check out our articles below introducing some of these technologies.

Big on Comfort Small bedroom design can be remarkably stylish, not to mention very high on the cozy factor. If a sprawling estate with a palatial owners’ suite is just not a good fit for you, you can get creative and turn your sanctuary into a statement. It’s a personal space, so infuse it with your personality!

Big on style Small bathrooms can be a challenge, but they are also an opportunity to get creative. With careful use of space and clever design elements you can turn this functional room into a stylish and beautiful space within your home. Check out these splashy examples, with Tetris-like floor plans, bold use of color,

When it comes to kitchens less is less, but let’s face it, not everyone is going to have a celebrity chef set-up. Maybe you live in an older house that hearkens back to pre-dishwasher days, or maybe you live in an urban area where space is a hot commodity. There’s no reason to hang up