Hailey & Peter

Red Cedar Real Estate

Hailey: With my job, I work with twin titles now formal employment title and so we worked a lot with buyer agents and over the years I've had experiences good agents and a lots of not easy to work with agent and Peter Vasquez has been my favorite to work with from a title perspective. He's always on top of everything with files we never have to ask him for anything, very good with his clients they came down to our settlement office and very professional very down-to-earth at the same time, though doesn't hover over you when we've been going through looking at all houses with him. He kind of just walks around like lets you do your thing and you don't have to feel the pressure that you might feel with some agents that kind of makes you uncomfortable you know.

Peter: Yeah, the first time I met Peter was when I started looking at houses and the thing he said was I'm not going to walk around and give you the standard cheesy real estate agent lines and try to sell you in backsplashes and doors and things like that. He said I'm going to walk around the house with your point out things that you see and just answer questions for you and it really took a lot pressure off of that process and you know made what's supposed to be a fun and exciting process fun and exciting and not overwhelming or overbearing or anything like that. So I would definitely recommend working with Peter and working with his company to anyone who is in market for a house in the area

Hailey: Yeah, like I said even though I work in the title business, this is our first home, buying - and so it's a completely different world when you are the one going through it and he made us feel very comfortable and any little questions we had he would answer very quickly and honestly and would help us with any issues that we had. So we can't recommend him any higher like he's--- we could absolutely next time pick him again. He is great.

Peter: 100% yeah