Red Cedar Real Estate Experience


About 3 months ago, I was looking for a house, looking for something on the water which maybe you can see that there is water here and contact was Peter Boscas and he took down the information that I was looking for in a house and was very pro-active in sending information about different houses. Eventually, found this one, which was just the perfect house. The great thing about dealing with Peter is that he's very objective. He's not a pushy salesman. He gets rational information but doesn't push you to make a decision, doesn't sell you on one property versus another, just lets you make your own decision. Also, all of the people that Peter put me in contact with, to work with, inspectors etc. were the same way - just very objective, very professional. So I take it that if you are looking for a house, are looking to sell a house even and you're looking for somebody like that who's just very objective and not a pushy salesman, I think Peter's a good choice.