Peter Boscas - Broker of Red Cedar Real Estate

Peter Boscas - Broker of Red Cedar Real Estate

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We're not sure whose strings you have to pull to get on the ballot, and we'd rather spend our time helping our clients than trying to find out. However, at Red Cedar we are confident that our broker, Peter Boscas, deserves your vote for Best Real Estate Agent, for his unwavering commitment, stellar reputation and impeccable track record with client satisfaction and sales completion. We cannot think of another candidate more deserving, so please take a moment to write in his name ( Question #45 - Peter Boscas ) with your very favorite font.

Don't take our word for it, see what his clients have to say. Scroll down and look at the smiling faces on our client video testimonials, or see the links to the glowing reports on third-party independently verified review pages. Peter goes above and beyond the call of duty every single day, because for him the Real Estate field is about people. His goal is to enthusiastically represent his clients so that they can have an enjoyable, fun, and worry-free process while finding the home and deal that is right for them.

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