Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Do They Suck?

At Red Cedar, we want people to love the homes they live in. Technology can help.

The next time I have the brilliant idea of rescuing a husky mix, someone should remind me of the fact that I loathe vacuuming. Know what though? It works, because I can take advantage (with great inner pomp and fanfare) of this pinnacle of technological advancement: Robotic vacuums. Has a day been named after the inventor of the Roomba? If not, what are we waiting for… If that holiday wants to coincide with my birthday it would be appropriate. Here are some other amazing brands of robotic vacuums that make life easier for animal lovers and other home dwelling humans.

Neato Botvac Connected - Aptly named gadgetry. The Neato app is well-designed and easy to use, and brings remote control functionality to the Botvac line. You can start it, schedule it, and even steer it from your phone. The Botvac anticipates and adapts to obstacles, flooring type, and home design and does an all-around excellent job.

Samsung Powerbot - This might also be a Pokemon. Its cyclone system creates excellent suction on different flooring types and it is quieter than a few other brands. It costs less and daily maintenance is less in comparison to the Botvac, but a few users have reported issues with its capacity on area rugs.

bObsweep bObi - Possibly created by a Star Wars fan. The bObi is powerful and easy to maneuver, with a quick and dirty setup and good support services. It runs better on hard surfaces than on carpet, but it is also much friendlier on the price tag, so if your house is primarily solidly surfaced this might be a great option for you.

Miele Scout - I got nothin’ about the name… The Scout removes dirt and cleans carpets with the best of them, and is plenty sturdy and navigationally savvy. However, it tests rather timidly when up against furniture. If you’re into minimalism with your furnishings, Miele is a reliable high-quality manufacturer that wouldn’t give a badge to its Scout without good cause.

Moneual RYDIS - Pretty sure that’s Elvish. In comparison to some of the other brands, its straight-forward features perform well. The Rydis is lighter and takes less time to charge. Due to its larger bin capacity it requires less daily maintenance, and also comes with a mopping feature that is pretty unique to the robotic vacuum family. However, its boundary marking system is mediocre, and it gets stuck more often than others.

Infinuvo CleanMate - But you have to say it with an Australian accent. This little guy is a bargain, priced much lower than some of the other brands. You get what you pay for, therefore the CleanMate does not compare favorably when it comes to dirt retrieval and user-friendly interface. It also requires manual charging, as it does not have a dock. However, it functions, and it is an economical way to try out automated cleaning. Minimal robotic cleaning is still better than no robotic cleaning, right?

Brought to you by Barbara on behalf of Red Cedar Real Estate. I hope you enjoy not vacuuming as much as I do.

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