Offer Terms In A Sellers' Market

Below is a series of videos detailing the various terms and conditions incorporated in a purchase offer in Maryland. In each video we explain the various options available as well as how both the sellers and buyers can be impacted by these choices.


In the current hot real estate market appraisals are becoming a more and more complex and important piece of the offer process and in many cases they can be what makes or breaks the sellers’ decision of which offer to select. In this video we’ll explain the different levels of appraisal protection buyers can add to their offers to make them stand out against the competition and how these options could impact the sellers’ bottom line.

Lender Approval Letter Types

Not all pre-approvals are created equal and in the current real estate market, going into battle with the wrong type of approval can doom your chances of having an offer accepted before you even get started. For buyers, we’ll explain how you can get the strongest, most attractive bank approval to help your offer stand out above the competition. And for sellers, we’ll explain why certain approvals you receive with buyers’ offers may not be worth the paper they’re printed on.

Purchase Price and Escalation Clauses

It’s a hot sellers’ market at the moment and buyers are frequently paying significantly more than the list price for desirable properties. However, blind bidding means some buyers are paying vastly more for properties than they actually need to. In this video in the mini-series, we’ll explain how buyers can use a crafty clause in their offers to make them as attractive as possible to the seller without overpaying for a property in the process.