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Design Ideas

One of the most exciting things about buying a new home is getting to design it exactly the way you want, to show your unique personality from floor to ceiling. While our influence is rather limited in that area of real estate, we still like to scope out awesome ideas for creative use of space, and (of course) share them with our clients. Grab some inspiration, gather your ideas, and get thee to Pinterest!

Technology Resources

You know our wonderful broker, Peter Boscas of Yelp fame? His idea of a great time is spending Friday night at Best Buy scoping out the latest gadgets, so you can safely bet that we are in the know about technological triumphs or duds that could benefit or be a detriment to your home and household. You can also safely bet that if there is a new tech innovation that can be used to market homes, we probably already owned it before the patent ink was dry. Just saying...