Home Selling

Red Cedar Real Estate

Choosing The Right Agent

This seems like a no-brainer, but choosing the right agent can make a world (and thousands of dollars) of difference in the process of selling your home. Why trust a transaction of this magnitude to someone without conducting proper vetting? There is no good answer to that question--just don't do it. Conduct interviews, read reviews, look at past listings to ensure that marketing is up to par... We encourage you to choose the agent that is right for you, and provide tips to help you do so.

Pricing Strategy

Now that you have chosen your carefully vetted agent, trust your agent! Pricing is an art, and (good) agents do a ton of market research to ensure that your home is priced to sell. The list price is not as important as the net amount that you will gain from this transaction, so take the long view and price competitively. Besides, list price does not dictate sales price, and there is always still room to negotiate once offers come in. Beware of "discount" agents who take your listing at a discounted rate and higher price point simply to collect buyer leads, with no intention of properly marketing and actually selling your home.