Barbara van der Vossen


Barbara van der Vossen

Barbara van der Vossen

Hey there! I’m Barbara and I am a real estate agent in Maryland. I began my real estate career as a customer care coordinator for Red Cedar Real Estate, and soon realized that I wished to work more closely with our clients and help them with their home buying process from start to finish. I know first-hand that a caring and committed real estate professional makes the home buying process infinitely less stressful, and I am confident that working with us will make your experience as laid-back and enjoyable as possible.

Any person involved in the sale or purchase of a home is undergoing a major life transition, and I find it incredibly rewarding to streamline that transition for my clients, so that they can focus on the fun and excitement of finding a new home. My goal is not only to provide my clients with an extra set of eyes and ears, but also to be available to them with assistance, advice, reassurance, and positivity. I am a creative thinker with a good eye, and I will bring all of my talents to the table to help you find the home and deal that is right for you.

In addition to working as an agent for Red Cedar Real Estate, I also work as a copywriter and media manager for our company. I am so confident in our brand and the standard of quality that we provide for our clients that I strive to bring the Red Cedar name to the forefront of people's minds when they think of real estate.

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